"Another Part I Liked Was How We Got To Make Our Own Stories": Covers and Field Trip Thank Yous!

October 19, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Looking out the window* today here at 826HQ, it’s hard not to feel a little, well, blah. It’s rainy and grey. Leaves are starting to fall. The air is turning from pleasantly nippy to downright bite-y. While we’re still hoping for a resurgence of beautiful fall weather, we’re also preparing for a particularly blah time of year: Post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving.

When we’ve put away the costumes and eaten all the KitKats but aren’t ready to pull out the pilgrim hat and Ceremonial Turkey-Chopping Axe**, what will there be to look forward to?

This year, the answer is simple: COVERS, on November 5.

Covers falls in an ideal moment to blow all those post-Halloween blues away. Organized by beloved volunteer Katy Shay and hosted by our friends Liz and Curtis at Vault Ultralounge, Covers will feature all the ingredients for a great evening. Writers reading writing! Artists showing art! DJs playing music!. People drinking wine and eating snacks!*** Proceeds going to 826michigan!

Find more information about Covers here.

But wait! You don’t have to wait all the way until November 5 for a shot of anti-blah****. Remember these field trip students?

We loved them when they came here. (And can you blame us? Have you READ the story??) In fact, we really didn’t think we could love this group of students more.


We recently received a packet of thank you letters from Ms. McGee’s class! The arrival of thank you letters always precipitates an informal Staff Gathering filled with laughter and warmed hearts, and this was no different.

Some highlights:

“Dear 826michigan, Thank you for the best field trip ever. I will never forget the part when I sat in the Chair of Judgment. I love 826michigan because we get to do a lot of thinking and writing and that’s why I love 826michigan. Sincerely, Shylan.”

“Dear 826michigan, thank you so much for the amazing field trip! What’s funny is that when you said it was Toast Day, I didn’t think you were kidding! I thought we would actually be eating toast! Thank you so much! From Alison.”

“Dear 826michigan, I hate the chair of judgment :-(. I like to pretend to be a Cat Owl Duke. It was fun and cool. I want to come back: yes or no? Write back! Elizabeth.”

Well, Elizabeth, it almost goes without saying but we’re saying it anyway*****: OF COURSE! Come back any time, Ms. McGee’s class!

* 826HQ is located in a basement. “Window” above may be referring to our weather-checking app.

** We’ll admit it: Thanksgiving is kind of weird at 826HQ.

*** Said snacks are provided by Whole Foods Market. So you KNOW they’re gonna be some good snacks.

**** Robots struggling with blah feelings can also stop by Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair for emotion upgrades.

***** Naturally.

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