October 1, 2018 | 826 Blog Post

Ben Schneedecker is the swiss army knife of volunteers. He magically seems to have all the little tools we need to keep 826michigan up and running. By day he is a coder, debunking and navigating problems into solutions and questions into answers. By night, or rather evening–and even more specifically, Friday evenings  you can find him in the Liberty Street Robot Supply Co welcoming customers with a smile, waive and a, “Hi, how are you?” He often can be found high-fiving his secret favorite customer, Max, a young robotier-in-the-making.


The thing about Ben is that he is not just asset to the store; he also hikes the extra mile and even summits the peak of tasks that need to be done by 826 staffers. He leaves no trace yet one can tell when he has breathed his magic into the office because everything is sparkly and brilliant like the northern lights. He assembles chapbooks. He owns data entry for our mailing lists! Ben, thank you for untying all the knots and equipping 826 programs from the backend so that our students can climb to the highest of heights!


As if Ben wasn’t helpful enough, he has decided to take on volunteer background checks and processing data! This responsibility is exactly something that Ben, the Reliable, would do. Ben’s aid to 826 in streamlining background checks will enable volunteers to swim upstream to engage with students and continue building transformational experiences and programs for students!

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