Call It a Success!

June 22, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Tuesday night we hosted our first drop-in writing time of the summer. I’ll be honest with you; part of me thought it would be me and Holly sitting in room together smiling disappointedly at each other for ninety minutes.

My friends, you will be happy to know that over twenty writers showed up! This is unprecedented, in part because it was the first session, but also because, hey! That’s a lot of people!

Fun was had by all, I think. We did an exquisite corpse; wrote a story from another writer’s secret; and wrote stories wherein: the beginning was the end, there was a dog with a peg leg, it took place at the bottom of the sea, and there had to be fishermen fishing somewhere in it. Look into the writing gallery soon for a sampling of the hilarious and heartbreaking work that came out of it.

As with all new things, some tweaking needs to happen. For example, it has been decided that ninety minutes is a wee bit too much. And, while we like the idea of representing all ages, it has been decided that splitting the group is for the best.

And so, the new deal for Tuesday drop-in is:

  • The Let’s See What Happens When a Bunch of Writers Get Together (in an Inspired Setting) and Write Group (Working Title): with Amy, ages nine and up, with writing exercises and activities from 3:30-4:30, and quiet writing time until 5.

  • Kids’ Summer Lite Write: with Holly, ages eight and under, with stories and activities from 3:30-4:30.

These will happen every Tuesday through the end of the summer. There will be no drop-in on July 3, as we will be stockpiling sparklers. Man, do we love sparklers.

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