Details On How Our Workshop Schedule Release Has Changed!

January 4, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Hi friends!

This time around, we’ve decided to try something new with the release of our ever-popular workshop schedule.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Sometime on Sunday, January 13, we will post the schedule. We hope to do this around noon. When we say “we will post the schedule,” we mean just that: the schedule will be posted, but registration will not be open yet.
  2. Anytime from noon on Sunday to 8pm on Monday, you can log onto our website, peruse the workshop schedule with your student(s), and decide on which two workshops each one wants to take. We recommend writing down your choices so you don’t forget. But that’s just us; sometimes we are forgetful, and writing things down helps.
  3. At 8pm exactly on Monday, January 14, registration will open. So at 8pm exactly, you can log onto our website, immediately click on the workshops you had chosen (good thing you wrote them down!), and register.
  4. Everyone is happy!

We hope that this new system will:

  1. Give parents and students a chance to discuss the workshops offered and decide, together, in a no-pressure environment, what the winners are.
  2. Keep parents from registering each of their students for all workshops in a given age range in the hopes that he or she will make it into two. (Trust us, on our end, it gets a bit nightmarish.)
  3. Make everyone happy! (See #4, above.)

Questions? Comments? Email Amy.

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