Do You Like Helping Children? Do You Like Eating Delicious Foods? Have You Ever Done Those Two Things at the Same Time?

November 7, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Out with your calendars! Join us at Whole Foods Market (3135 Washtenaw
Ave in Ann Arbor) on Wednesday, January 31. Four times a year, Whole Foods Market chooses a worthy nonprofit to be the recipient of a Community Support Day, and their first one next year goes to us!

How it works: YOU go to Whole Foods Market and stock up on delicious and exotic foods. WHOLE FOODS MARKET gives us 5% of their total sales for that day. WE jump up and down, and stay in business! Win-win-win. You can buy whatever suits your fancy and help out 826 at the same time. (As for myself, I’m stocking up on frozen foods and other non-perishables, like, for the year.)

Also, thanks so much to all of you who attended Revenge of the Book
Eaters! It was, by all accounts, a fantastic and inspiring evening. Thanks also to our many talented and trustworthy volunteers, without whom we couldn’t have pulled it off, especially Josh Fischel and Sarah Smarch!

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