Domino's Pizza is Supporter of the Month!

August 4, 2017 | 826 Blog Post

Domino's Pizza is Supporter of the Month

There’s nothing like a slice of pizza to make writing fun and delicious—and Domino’s Pizza has filled so many happy young writers’ tummies throughout the school year and this summer through our Family Writing Labs. In fact, Domino’s has donated nearly two dozen pizzas for each Family Writing Lab event! That means that out of ten events, Domino’s has donated TWO HUNDRED tantalizing cheese and pepperoni pies to delight our students and their families.

Wonderfully, Domino’s hasn’t just stopped there. Domino’s has been a corporate sponsor of our annual Mittenfest event for many years, and thanks to the generous support of Domino’s Jeannette Sharp and her team, our After-school Tutoring students look forward to the end-of-year celebrations for chapbook releases and pizza. (As you may remember, no food has the power to spark pure and immediate ecstasy in the hearts of elementary- and middle-school students like the classic pizza pie.) With Domino’s as our food partner for the Liberty Street Tutoring and Washington Street Tutoring end-of-year parties for the past couple of years, students and their families have experienced both treats for their ears in the stories shared and dances in their bellies through the tasty pizza. According to our students, the crust is especially amazing.

students enjoying domino's pizza at family writing laboratory

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