FEBRUARY Student Writing Gallery

February 26, 2016 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are are featuring writing from our field trips. Every Wednesday and Friday morning, classes from Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit come to 826michigan for a writing-based field trip.

*Field Trips* 

Poetry Board Game Field Trip

Ms. Schmidt’s Third-grade Class
Mitchell Elementary
Ode to Clean Water

Clean water, clean water
Flint needs clean water.
To hydrate
To bathe
To wash clothes
To wash dishes
To cook
So get them new pipes,
Right now!

Ms. Schmidt’s Third-grade Class
Mitchell Elementary
The Dinosaur on the Wall

I have eagle feet
with fury and war
and I have bull horns.
I am hard and never beat.

I am looking at everybody.
They are looking back at me.
They have fire pains in their hearts.
They have light skin; I have eagle skin.
I’ve seen war and fear.
I am safe.

Ms. Faison’s Third-grade Class
Mitchell Elementary
Michigan History

There once was a wave that hit the mitten.
The only thing that survived was a single kitten.
There once was one, but now there are two.
The wave made the glaciers melt, too.
And that’s how history got written.

Storytelling & Bookmaking Field Trip

Ms. Murray’s Third-grade Class
Erickson Elementary

Elizabeth Dials awoke suddenly, hearing a knock at her door. She got out of bed sleepily, got dressed, and opened her door. The Florida sun shone brightly through her doorway that morning, but no one was there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge gumball zoomed through her window and she got trapped inside of it.

“Argh! no!” she screamed. The sticky, gooey insides of the gumball made her skin feel so gross! She was a little scared it would ruin her face and her hair. That would be terrible because she was a giant popstar. Like, she was an actual giant.

Her lazy but trendy cat Faddie walked slowly over to the gumball. He swiped a claw across the gumball and broke it open.

“Ah sticky sticky!” Elizabeth whined as she slid out of the gumball.

“Meow,” said Faddie.

Why did you do that?!” asked Elizabeth. “We’re not exactly friends . . .”

From his headquarters on Pluto, Hero the telekinetic gumball robot watched Faddie set Elizabeth free. He was trying to trap Elizabeth because she was really rude. She was pushing people down with her giant strength and running when she was not supposed to. Once she stole an old lady’s Cheetos. Hero had set up hidden cameras in her house and used his telekinesis to teleport a gumball from Pluto to trap her.

“Oh NOOOO! She escaped!” Hero shouted. I’m gonna go back to Florida and use my telekinesis to trap them BOTH in bubbles!” With that, Hero blasted off to Florida.

Erickson Elementary
Alternate Student Ending: A

He changed his mind and threw a surprise party for Elizabeth. They had a cat pinata filled with brightly colored gumballs and sat on a rainbow all day.

Erickson Elementary
Alternate Student Ending: B

Hero will destroy Faddie first, but Elizabeth will save Faddie. Hero made a trap on the door. Elizabeth will go behind the door, but the door was locked. Elizabeth made a trap in the back of the door. “I won’t destroy Faddie, but I will destroy you Elizabeth!” Faddie scratched Hero in the back. Faddie saved Elizabeth. The end.

Ms. Rodriguez’s Third-grade Class
Wines Elementary

In the year 5059, there was a big soggy desert on Mars. Nobody liked it. Visiting giant squid emitted puddles of exploding strawberry jelly.

Meatball and Citrus were two pink, angry creatures made of bacteria. They had just finished saving the desert from a mean space squid named Booger. They could finally relax by going to the bakery to get cow cupcakes.

Meatball asked the baker, “What is this animal/food?”

The baker replied, “It is a cow cupcake. It is awesome.”

Citrus said, “It does look delicious.”

They ate the cupcake.

All of a sudden, Charles, another giant space squid, burst in and shouted, “I will take this cupcake for myself!”

“ATTACK!” yelled Meatball.

“Okay,” said Citrus.

They followed Charles to his grandfather’s house.

Wines Elementary
Alternate Student Ending: A

Meatball went to the back. Citrus went to the front door and they went in. They found Charles and bounced on him, but they had to do it one thousand times five hundred each. It took all day.

They finally got it done.

They went to the bakery and got a bug ball.

Citrus said, “This is very good, but what if Charles’ grandfather comes back?”

His name is Monster. He did not.

Wines Elementary
Alternate Student Ending: B

When Citrus and Meatball got there (the middle of Planet Egg), they saw Charles talking to his grandpa, Lugnut and his grandma, Masinaer (Mas-en-uer) about the cow cupcake. But they only heard part of the conversation.

This is what they heard: “This will be perfect,” exclaimed Charles.

“Those bacteria people will definitely pay,” said Masinaer.

“$,” whispered Lugnut.

Citrus and Meatball didn’t hear Lugnut say that. Citrus looked at Meatball and asked, “Should we go in?”

Meatball, without answering, stormed in and yelled, “Give us back what is ours!”

Then, Citrus walked in and whispered, “It’s the cow cupcake.”

Charles then demanded, “Why do you want it?”

Citrus, now feeling brave yelled at the top of his lungs, “Because we’re hungry and tired from defeating Booger!”

Charles then asked, “Why do you fight us?”

Meatball then asked, “Why do you drop jelly on us?”

“Well,” said Charles, “my friend Booger once accidentally dropped jelly on you guys and you guys started to fight us, and well, can we stop?”

“Yes,” said Citrus and Meatball.

“Now, let’s go sell our cow cupcake!” said Lugnut.

“Oh, that’s what you meant by pay!” said Citrus.

So they went home and ate cow cupcakes.


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