File Under: Where You'll be the Saturday Night of Art Fair 2010, AKA Our Feature of the Month

July 20, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

When we first hatched the notion of an Art Fair Film Festival, we thought it would be good. After all, EVERYONE in Ann Arbor has an opinion on Art Fair, love it or hate it. So why not host an evening to celebrate and/or roast this beast that brings thousands of people into our fair city every July? Why not let creativity beget creativity?

We are pleased to tell you that the first (and certainly not the last) Ann Arbor Art Fair Film Festival (or, as we like to think of it, AAAFFF) was a success. We ran out of chairs. We (almost) ran out of popcorn. We screened five hilarious and thought-provoking movies, all vying for the coveted Stick D’Or (the Golden Stick), the festival’s highest honor:

Stick D’Or

The Stick D’Or.

Chris Hiltz and members of the Better Bot’s ONWARD ROBOTS kickball team gave us: Ball of Lust – A Journey of Love, wherein a kickball falls in love with a pair of cleats at Art Fair. Tyler Brubaker offered Art on a Stick, a rousing photo-and-music commentary on most everyone’s least-favorite part of the fair. Donald Harrison brought us Ann Arbor Art Fair Filtered by the Ann Arbor Film Festival, a short which featured a megaphone and confetti eggs. Joey Ostrander dropped off Imagination Cramps, which was six — yes, SIX — ruminations on the fair, with reoccuring images of zombies and cattle. And our own Adam Colas, Huron High student and Robotier (that mean he has a shift in our robot store), made Spaghetti Western on a Stick.

Awards, including Most Romantic, Most Jaded, and the Townie Award, were given out, and the packed-house tensely considered who should win the illustrious Stick D’Or. By applause, it was determined that Adam Colas’s Spaghetti Western on a Stick was most deserving (though it was a close contest).

We’re sure you’re just DYING to see what Adam came up with. As one of the “stars” of the film (when Adam asked me to “help,” I had no idea he meant “be in it”), I am biased, but I think it’s pretty good. Enjoy!

Many thanks to the filmmakers, the audience, and the monster we have come to know as Art Fair, for inspiring it all. Hope to see you at the festival next year!

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