826michigan volunteers provide one-on-one homework help, teach creative writing, and work the counter in Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, among many other essential tasks.

Help shape the future: volunteer with 826michigan!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of what we do.

We are endlessly proud of our volunteers, who serve as ambassadors to the community, mentors to our students, and technicians to our robots. We hope that our organization benefits everyone involved. Not just students and teachers, but also our indispensable and heroic volunteer force. Join us, won’t you, in supporting the academic success and inspiring the imaginations of the young people in your community.

From inspiring students to get excited about writing right in their classroom to having a light-bulb moment where you help a student “get” fractions at tutoring, to copyediting one of our student publications, everything you do as an 826michigan volunteer feeds into the creation of a vibrant and wildly inspired safe place for young people.

“826michigan is one of the few organizations you can volunteer with and see immediate results–because you see the excitement, joy, and relief on students’ faces when they finally get something they’ve been working so hard on in tutoring.”
–Tutor Kelly Mendenhall

*Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.*

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You can also learn about our internship program, volunteer activities, and our esteemed volunteers of the month.

Are you representing a large group with interest in a day-long volunteer project? Because we aim to offer our students access to well-seasoned tutors whom our staff has had a chance to train and evaluate and to also offer them the great benefit of consistent support, 826michigan typically offers only long-term, individual volunteer opportunities. However, we can occasionally organize an opportunity for a group, especially if the group volunteer project is not student-centric. Opportunities like these are available sporadically so we can’t ensure that we’ll be ready with such a project when your group is ready to serve. If you’d like to explore whether your circumstances would be a fit for this kind of service, please email courtney@826michigan.org.

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