Grow that STACHE, Jack, Do it Again, Wheels Turnin' Round and Round…

February 5, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Hi! Do you all remember last year when we had our first-ever, ultra-fabulous Mustache-a-Thon? We do! It was fun; we met a bunch of great people, watched with rapt attention the progress of twenty or so mustaches, and raised a fair amount of money to support our free student programming!

Why not, dear reader, why not do it again? Am I right?

Of course I am. How it works: Fine people volunteer to grow mustaches. Other, also fine, people donate money to these mustaches. Mustache farmers meet every Monday night from March 24 through April 28 at Arbor Brewing Company to hang out, photograph the progress of their staches, and drink free beer (one per grower per week; thanks, ABC!). If you can’t make it to all the meetings, that’s okay! We can work with your schedule. We’ll also give you “Ask me about my stache” buttons, and fundraising tips.

Did you grow a mustache for us last year? Take Steely Dan’s words to heart, friend, and do it again! Did you miss out on last year? Here’s your chance! Email Amy if you’d like to be a mustache farmer (or mustache subsidizer, ladies) for 826michigan, or if you’d just like more details.

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