TuesdayJune 2010

I bet you have. Friends, wonder no longer. It’s easy for me to just walk up the basement steps and look at Fort Club. It’s likely harder for you all. So guess what I did? I just walked up the basement steps and took a couple of pictures for you. Note: Fort Club is ridiculously adorable, but a little dark, and therefore
difficult to photograph.

For Fort Club, students ages eight and up come to 826 on Mondays from 4-5pm. Forts are built and inhabited, and then–if today is any indication, at least–stories are ready, a ukulele is played, and writing happens. Fort Club is one of our drop-in programs this summer, so students are welcome to come by whenever they can, no preregistration necessary! Hope to see you one of these Mondays at Fort Club, and a HUGE shout-out to Maggie Hanks–player of ukulele, master of forts–for coming up with this idea and making it a reality.

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