How You Can Help By Doing Something You Were Probably Going To Do Anyway

November 18, 2005 | 826 Blog Post

I hesitated to add a new blog, as I am currently very enamored with C. Jason’s. And, for the sake of clarity, I would like to mention that no cars were ticketed or towed. Fortunes falling? You bet. Children crying? Absolutely. Musty afghans? Yes, yes, and yes. (There were three of them.) But towed cars? Not a chance; we have our own lot!

That said, let’s get on to the matters at hand. With so much incredible stuff happening, we get many requests from people who want to help. Their queries range from “We really appreciate what you’re doing. What can we do to help?” to “You are doing such great work. Is there any way we can help you guys out?” Want to help? YOU CAN!

Here’s how:

You were going to buy books for holiday gifts anyway, right? Wait until December 17! If you buy books at the Barnes & Noble in Ann Arbor on that day, 826michigan gets a portion of the sale! Simply print out this voucher and bring it with you.

Want to help us out but can’t make it in that day? Donate $100 to 826michigan, and we’ll buy the hardcover book, CD, or DVD of your choice (as long as it costs under $100!) and ship it to you! We can also be hired to do your holiday shopping for you that day, at a negotiable price. What is it worth to you to not have to battle crowds and stand in line? We’ll need requests for this by December 10.

Contact me at for more information.

Also December 17…FREE BOOKMAKING Workshop! All ages, no registration necessary, at 2pm, Barnes & Noble, 3235 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor.

That afternoon, we’ll be offering an exciting bookmaking workshop at Barnes & Noble, where people of all ages will learn how to make little books and write family stories/myths in them.

You see, last week, Erin, John, C. Jason, Heather and I all took a field trip to East Lansing, where the wonderful Jeanne Drewes taught us how to bind all manner of interesting and astounding books. We’re bookbinders now! We want to spread our knowledge and teach you how to make books too!

Furthermore, literary superhero Chuck Hatt (also the Elementary Literacy Coordinator for Ann Arbor Public Schools) will give a workshop on writing personal narratives, which we will put into our little books. What a clever gift idea!

Show your support of the wonderful work 826michigan is doing in our community by coming out for voucher day, and join us for the workshop!

I’ve used more exclamation points in the five months I’ve been working here than I have in the whole twenty-nine years I’ve been alive, PS.

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