Hurry Up, Spring!

January 27, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Nothing says spring like spring cleaning. Literally. And not literally, because a lot of other things say spring too, like spring forward and box spring and maybe a case could even be made for wasp ring, although you would not find that case being made here, dear reader. A wasp ring isn’t even a thing — sure, you can get rings with wasps on them (I just googled it), but I think you get what I mean by “thing” — and it only very tenuously says spring.

Still with me? Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Where were we? Ah yes, spring cleaning. We here at 826michigan are teaming up with our friends at Books by Chance in an effort to hurry the approach of spring, with an aptly titled event, our Hurry Up Spring Book Drive. February is a lot of things. It’s Black History Month. It houses Valentine’s Day, and the Love Hangover, and more. This year, we’d like very much if it was also the very start of your spring cleaning.

Starting February 1 (that’s THIS Tuesday!), bring in any books (in good condition) that you’d like to get rid of. Books by Chance will sell them on consignment, and all proceeds will be donated to our free student programs here at 826, including our publishing program. So, in a way, you’d be donating your old, already-read, or otherwise just-taking-up-too-much-space books to clear the way for new books, written by young people right in your community. (Note: At first, I wrote “written by young people write in your community.” I spent part of the morning working on homophones in Mrs. Hatt’s third grade class at Mitchell Elementary this morning, and I should know better.)

So drop off your books any time in February! We are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 8pm and Saturday from 11am to 8pm. For more information on how to prepare your books, visit this special page of the Books by Chance website. Hope to see you and your unwanted books (and CDs and DVDs!) very soon!

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