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September 19, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

  1. Tutoring last night was off the hook, as they say. Somewhere close to twenty kids showed up! We were seriously understaffed, but thanks to Lee I don’t think anyone noticed. Hooray for the start of the school year! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and to meet so many new ones. Tutoring takes place Monday through Thursday from 3-5:30pm, and yes, we tutor in all subjects.
  2. Many thanks to Sarah Smarch for organizing the rummage sale! Over a hundred people, many of whom had never heard of us, wandered into our space last weekend and bought used clothes, stereo equipment, books, and assorted goodies.
  3. Mark your calendars: Monster Union, Local 826 will have its grand opening in the afternoon on Saturday, October 28. More details to come, but be prepared for strikes and electioneering around town as we near the opening date.
  4. Mark your calendars, the return: Join us next Thursday for our Back to School night from 6:30-7:30! All are welcome to come hang out, play games, and win prizes!
  5. As long as your calendars are out, you can fill this in as well: Welcome our amazing new Executive Director, Amanda Uhle! Now that I’ve spent some time with her outside of the interview setting, I can assure you: she’s great! Erin and I are so (x 100) excited to have someone else on board to help us out! Yay Amanda! (Note: [over]use of exclamation points totally necessary to convey unabashed glee.)
  6. Last but by no means least! Finalized info on the Revenge of the Bookeaters event! Sunday, October 29, Pease Auditorium in Ypsilanti, 7pm. Dave Eggers, Davy Rothbart, Cowboy Junkies, Tally Hall, Julie Orringer, and others. Tickets: $25 general admission, $100 VIP tickets (seats up front and a meet-and-greet with the performers before the show). In the next week or two we’ll have information on how you can purchase tickets.

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