I’d Have to Say Lights Came First, Judging by the Stars in Their Eyes

April 25, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Recently, we were lucky enough to have Performance Network—hey! Thanks
Performance Network!—lend us their beautiful stage for an afternoon so
that participants in our “What Came First: The Play, or Lights,
Camera, Action?” workshop could perform their plays.

Okay, people, I have a workshop schedule to finish. Here’s a quick
summary of the event:

  • The Plays: At turns, hilarious, sweet, and heartbreaking.
  • The Actors: Brilliant.
  • The Writing: Divine.
  • The Sets: Lovely.
  • The Programs: Gorgeous. (Thanks, Ryan!)
  • The Audience: Rapt.
  • Photo: Here:

Many thanks to UM’s Mortar Board, who did a fantastic job
conceptualizing and leading this workshop. Thanks also to Stella from
Performance Network for giving our students the chance to perform on
their stage.

Finally, a hundred hand-blown kisses, many bouquets of roses, and
scores of shouts of “Bravo!” to our fine and talented students. You
never cease to amaze us with your creativity.

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