If You Happen to Happen by…

May 1, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

If you happen to happen by 826michigan today, just through the window you can see some amazing things:

1. The now-famous Mustache-O-Meter, one of the most beloved and gawked-at displays in all of Ann Arbor, is fully colored in. That’s right, all those little mustaches are multicolored, beaming happiness, and signifying that we’ve MET OUR GOAL OF TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Holla! Many thanks to the hundreds (that’s right, hundreds!) of people who donated their money. Many thanks to Fifth Third Bank for their sizable donation, and to Arbor Brewing Company for hosting a month and a half of scratchy madness. And thanks, above everyone else, to our heroic and mustachioed farmers who battled through itchiness, ostracization, and at least two other kinds of public humiliation.

2. The Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair: stop by and peer in now, so when it’s super famous, you can be all, “I totally saw that place when it was just shelves and a stage,” and your friends will think you’re too, too cool.

On Saturday, May 17, if you happen to be in Ann Arbor, you will see many, many people walking around in homemade robot costumes. (Say, do YOU want to walk around in a homemade robot costume? We can help! We can also help with your costume! Email Amy!) Then, if you happen by our space a little bit after seven, you’ll see a bunch of (a gaggle? a school? a murder? a pride? a pack?) robots dancing in the alley next to 826michigan in what we can only imagine as the first of many robot dance-offs. To be followed by a puppet show by our students, and the grand opening of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair.

Today, however, there are shelves, a whole lot of them, soon to be bedecked with everything from positronic brains to robot toupees! There is a stage, and it’s stained (thanks Gregg and Cat!)! There is some other weird wooden contraption! There are boxes everywhere! And trash everywhere! OMG this place is a mess, and we open in two weeks! What I am doing writing a blog?

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