If Your Plans for Friday Night do not Match Those Detailed Here, Break Them.

December 2, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

What are we doing Friday night? What are YOU doing? Does what you’re doing involve:

  1. An amazing Robot Winter Wonderland featuring ice skating bots spinning on little ponds in front of a snowy mountain? (Aka: The new and incredible window display at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair.)
  2. A way to buy hilarious, educational, one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season? (Aka: The product list of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair.)
  3. A celebration for scores of local students who now have the illustrious title of Published Author? (Aka: The book release party for the first-ever 826michigan OMNIBUS, a collection of student work from all of our programs.)
  4. A chance to hear several of the aforementioned Published Authors read their astounding work? (Aka: The student reading happening in conjunction with the book release party.)
  5. A way to WOW all your friends? (Aka: Knowing about this cool nonprofit tutoring/writing center hidden behind an equally cool robotic supply store.)

If your Friday night plans do not sound as good as ours, let us extend an invitation! JOIN US this Friday night. We’ll have snacks and drinks and student readings and robotic supplies. Not only is there fun and entertainment to be had, but we are your one-stop-shop for holiday gifts. For example, we bet someone on your list would like:

  • A copy of the 826michigan OMNIBUS. Poetry, fiction, tall tales, and anime. All for $10.
  • A Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair t-shirt, hoodie, tote bag, and/or sticker. (It’s what everyone in MY family is getting this year.)
  • The Robot Toupee/Party Hat. Sure, your bot always stands out at parties, but this holiday season, he can make a statement!
  • Kits galore! Robot making kits, detective kits, kaleidoscope making kits, turn-a-potato-into-a-battery kits, electric plane launcher kits, and so so so so many more.
  • Positronic Brains. Nothing says I love you, Bot like the gift of sentience that comes with Better Bot’s Positronic Brain.
  • Emotion Upgrades, a full line of Bot Buddies, Whistling Femurs, Fruit-Powered Clocks, Digit-Mounted Flashlights, and more!

Those people will be even MORE impressed when they learn that the money you spent on them went toward the free student programming that happens at 826michigan every day. Listen, we realize that we are biased, and maybe a wee bit cocky, but we’re pretty sure that no place in Ann Arbor has such unique gifts. (We’re pretty sure because most of them are made in-house by our robot specialists.)

So join us Friday night. Midnight Madness happens in the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair from 5pm to midnight. The book release party for the 826michigan OMNIBUS and the student reading happen at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

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