Intern Spotlight(s)!

October 17, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

We don’t play favorites here. Okay, maybe we do, a little, sometimes. It’s hard not to. I can say, however, that we can’t pick a favorite intern this semester, because both of our interns are so…capable.

Capable. That’s a good quality in an intern. The word “intern” seems to mean any number of things around here, but most often, the definition looks something like this: “he or she who makes order out of chaos, invents direction out of sentence fragments, and somehow, somehow, gets the job done.” What I’m trying to say is: things are crazy around here, and our interns keep us upright.

This summer, as you know, we had wonderful interns, and we were sad, disappointed, dare-we-say mortified to see them go. They seemed irreplaceable, and they were, except: Enter Jared. Jared is a bearded Canadian (sort of). He’s also (and please insert the word “incredibly,” “super,” “highly,” or some such derivative before each of these words): clever, intelligent, creative, focused, and thoughtful. Better yet, we have learned (as has he) that he’s a natural teacher. Jared was hired as the publications intern, and yet he’s helped us with in-schools, workshops, tutoring, the store, our move, and any number of other things. What we’re trying to say is: Jared is the best.

And then: Enter Sydney. Sydney’s got it all, or so it has thus far appeared. She’s (let’s just go with “very” this time around to keep it simple): sweet, reliable, smart, hard working, and upbeat. She’s always smiling. She’s always calm. These are great things in an intern. She was hired as the in-schools intern, and yet she’s helped with tutoring, workshops, errands, the store, our move, and any number of other things. What we’re trying to say is: Sydney is the best.

Maybe that says it all? At this point in the game it’s hard not to gush. Jared and Sydney: you keep us sane, and we know, oh-how-we-know, that is no easy task. Thank you, thank you for everything you do for us!

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