January Student Writing Gallery!

January 26, 2014 | 826 Blog Post

Welcome to our first monthly round-up of student writing for the year! It seems late to say it but also appropriate: Happy New Year!  This year, we’ll be posting 8 new, exciting pieces of student writing on the 26th of the month (Get it?). Each month will be curated by our staff. Our aim is to give you an entertaining and fair sampling from our many programs.


* Drop-in Writing * 

Maliky Woodford
Franklin Wright Settlements, Detroit
“A Letter to Auntie Lena, In Memory and With Love”

Dear Auntie Lena,
I remember how you used to make every restaurant have your pancakes very hot. You loved everybody you’d ever met. Even if you didn’t know the person, you’d still put them in your heart. Last, but not least, those eggs you made were so good.
Love, Maliky

Danna Mercado
Campbell Branch of the Detroit Public Library, Detroit
“To: Dad”

Dear Dad,
Even though I have a sister, I feel I don’t have a true companion because my sister and I always fight. A bunny would be the friend that my sister isn’t. I can take care of the bunny, play with the bunny, and love the bunny. A bunny is not hard to take care of either. Therefore, a bunny would be perfect for me.
From: Danna

* Tutoring on Washington Street in Ypsilanti *

Age 8, Eastern Washtenaw Multicultural Academy, Ypsilanti

Q. The table you are sitting at has magical powers! What would you do with magical powers?

A. If the table I am sitting at had magic powers, I would touch it so it gives me its powers. Then I would make everyone happy in my world, and I would give everyone a mountain of chocolate every day. I would turn things into gold and diamonds. And I would make everyone in the world rich. The end.

* Field Trips *

From Erica Hatt’s 4th grade students at Mitchell Elementary, Ann Arbor
“Ode to My Robot”
Written by Team Awesome Bot Awesomeness

You are such a nice robot
You always do my chores
And make me cake
You do all my homework
My mathwork!
You keep me company and
Flush the toilet when I forget
Even though you have an evil switch
You won’t try to take over the human race
Or will you . . .

From Ms. Sheets’s 3rd grade students at Haisley Elementary, Ann Arbor
“Shower Power”
Written by Team Ferocious Fearsom Fire Gryphons

Thump! Thump up the stairs
throwing socks and underwear everywhere
pants and shirts galore
warm water rushes down on me
as hot as a gryphon’s breath
spicy, cinnamony scents of soap reach up my nose
bacteria and grim washes away
only to return again

* Workshops *

Will Harris
Age 8, Thurston Elementary, Ann Arbor

Once upon a time, Cinderella went to an NBA game. Brooklyn Nets played at Golden State. Dragons and fairies were in the audience. Most fairies were rooting for the Golden State Warriors. When the game started, all of the dragons breathed fire. The players were on fire and the players’ hands were burning. Everyone was un-entertained and threw their popcorn on the ground. There was so much popcorn on the ground that it was hard to walk.

* Tutoring on Liberty Street in Ann Arbor *

Priscilla Du
Age 8, Thurston Elementary, Ann Arbor
“Transforming into a Witch”

I’m transforming into a witch! If I turned into a witch, I would have a black pointy hat, purple and black straight hair, and a dark magenta dress and cape. I would also have a broom. I would be a good witch, and everyone would still like me. I can also fly on my broom. I would fly to school every day and back home. If people thought I was a bad witch, I would prove that I’m good by giving them free rides on my broomstick. People would look at me differently, but they would still know I’m good.

I could change back anytime I wanted to a person or stay a witch. I would push a button to change to a person. My button is on my black pointy hat. I would also have a dark black, fluffy cat. Its name would be Luigi. Luigi would be a boy. Luigi also would have spooky green eyes like a monster. I would often say, “I love you, Luigi.” Then Luigi would respond, “Meow.”

Bayan Farha
Age 9, Carpenter Elementary, Ann Arbor
“Things I Would Do if the Government Shut Down”

If the government shut down, schools would be closed because they need to pay teachers and check tests. They might have a hard time buying supplies, and kids wouldn’t be learning new things. It would be bad for me because I would be very bored.

But here are some things I could do: paint, play outside, call some friends, and draw. I think it may be a good thing because I could be free. That’s what would happen if the government shut down.

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