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July 26, 2018 | 826 Blog Post

The Story of Bokeding

Wyatt C., Sixth-grade

Estabrook Elementary, Ypsilanti

Bokeding lived in the clouds over Ypsilanti. Bokeding was an irregular gas bubble; he was lighter than air and could go anywhere. However, he had to be careful because one trip to Earth could be fatal. One day Bokeding was hungry so he floated down over Ypsilanti to look for something to eat. He saw a Subway on Cross Street, so he floated down and ate a sandwich. Except Bokeding had a problem: he had no hands and arms to eat with, so he just ate with his face.

Bokeding lived for two months, which was a long time because he was a bubble. As he was floating over Ypsilanti one day, he floated too close to the ground and he froze to the ground because he got too close. Bokeding popped and had sixteen babies. They were born of four different gases. There were four Hydrogen babies, four Neon babies, four Argon babies, and four Saline babies. As Bokeding died he told the babies to live a long happy life. The sixteen babies went on to live a long happy life in the clouds over Ypsilanti.

Artwork by Jen Harley, jenharley.com

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