March 2011 – Jessi Carrothers

March 1, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Jessi Carrothers!

Jessi Carrothers!

We are as pleased as punch to honor the effervescent Jessi Carrothers as our extraordinary Volunteer of the Month. This month, we’ll start with an anecdote that contains the word “hilariously,” and pretty delightfully illustrates our choice. Ready? Here we go.

MOMENTS AGO, Amy walked into 826 with a solid plan of going downstairs to do the write up on Jessi as Volunteer of the Month. She had — she thought — a short amount of time to do it, because the volunteer working in the robot shop had some stuff going on, and couldn’t make it to her next few shifts, so Amy had every intention of covering part of said shift.

WHO did she see sitting behind the desk? It wasn’t Catherine or Amanda, as she had expected. Hilariously — context considered — it was none other than, you guessed it, JESSI CARROTHERS. Jessi Carrothers, who, it should be noted, responded to Amy’s enthusiastic appreciation by saying, “Yeah, I’ll be here for this shift for the next few weeks.”

Which brings us to what is probably our MAIN reason for choosing her this month. Jessi Carrothers has pretty much picked up more subs shifts than any robotier . . . wait for it . . . EVER. You know who is SUPER helpful when there is a shift that needs to be filled? Jessi. You know who works two regular shifts in the store every week, and still subs all the time? Jessi. You know who is really sweet and nice and great with all of our customers? That’s right. Jessi.

You can see Jessi in the store every week on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, two shifts that are notoriously difficult to fill. You can also see her on any number of other nights and afternoons, just making all of our lives so much easier, no big deal. Furthermore, she is birthday buddies with Amy’s favorite niece, and part of the Consecutive Birthday Club (1/2, 2/3, 3/4, etc — she is 4/5). Those are not reasons we made her Volunteer of the Month, but they’re things we like about her all the same.

Hey, Jessi! We think you are great in the store. We really like having you around. We so very much appreciate your willingness to pitch in and pick up shifts whenever you can. We think you’re a fantastic workshop facilitator too! Please don’t ever leave us. And thank you, thank you, thank you!

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