Poems Were Read, Buses Were Washed; Workshop Schedule is UP!

January 15, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Many of you know how excited I’ve been about the bus wash. Well, last
night it finally happened. Was it everything we had hoped for?
YES! Here we go, the night in photos:

Kylie reads a poem in a coat I covet.

The bus we took through the wash had all the poems posted.
They looked SWEET.

Many of the poets on the bus.

Francesca poses underneath her poem.

The poems are up now! Look for them in seventy AATA buses! Thanks to:
Scott Beal for amazing us yet again with another incredible workshop;
Mary Stasiak and Lois Crawford from AATA for partnering with us,
throwing a lovely party, and making some delicious punch; and, of
course, to the POETS, who were inspiring and profound and
exactly the people we would have picked to go through a bus
wash with.

The Winter Workshop Schedule is posted! As I just sorted
through a hundred and fifty or so emails, I’ll assume that most of you
know that already. Luckily, we have MORE workshops (than ever
before!), and so, for once, there are still openings the morning after
the schedule was released. But don’t tarry, friends: time is short for
most of these workshops!

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