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March 27, 2018 | 826 Blog Post

Hot Dog Man!

By Unique B.
Age 12
Estabrook Writers Club

Introduction/Chapter 1:

“Auuuu, I ate too much hot dogs at once. I’ll eat some more later when my stomach starts to digest,” said James as his belly started to growl.

Sorry, didn’t see you there, you’re probably wondering why I’m eating all these hot dogs. Well, let me tell you one thing about me. I love, love, love hot dogs. I would die for them. I lose my mind if I don’t get to have a dozen a day. You’re also probably wondering why I’m at the bottom of Lake Huron and can barely see anything. Well, don’t get freaked out, but I’m a fifteen-year-old vampire. No, no, no, I’m not going to eatcha. I like hot dogs! I don’t know how to do anything except for eat and look for hot dogs.

Well, anyway, this is the story of how James Brown had to come up to shore.

Chapter 2: The Incident?!

“Once again, too much hot dogs,” James mumbled, as I went to go get another hot dog. As soon as I opened the refrigerator, I had a look in my eyes that made me want to scream. I started to twitch like I was mad, then blurted out—-“I’M OUT OF HOT DOGS!!!”

I looked like I was going to blow. I didn’t know what to do. Then, I wondered something: “I’ve always wanted to know what was up there on land. I then got a smile on my face, my grin grew bigger, and I started to blush. “Oh silly me, I could just go up there and see if they have any hot dogs, and if they do, I’ll get some! If they don’t, I’ll be in bad luck for the rest of my life.” I got up and started stuffing as much clothes as I could for my trip, but the most important thing that I needed that I forgot was an umbrella.

Chapter 3:

After twenty-four hours of swimming up from Lake Huron, I finally got up on shore. The sand was soft underneath my feet and the sun was shining bright. I found an umbrella where someone was sleeping and grabbed it because my skin was starting to fall off. It was very flaky from the sun and brownish. It looked disgusting! After I walked about a mile away from the shore, I saw a giant hot dog that was bigger than me. When I walked in the store, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There were a bunch of hot dogs sitting on a rack that looked good and juicy. I picked one of the hot dogs up, took a bite, and it was love at first sight. I didn’t even notice myself putting a whole bunch of hot dogs in my suitcase. Just when I finished my hot dog and was walking out the door, suddenly—-“Hey! Where do you think you’re going with those hot dogs, huh?”

To be continued . . .

Artwork by Jen Harley,

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