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April 5, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

ogmog logo
April means springtime and many springtime delights like the rocket bursts of creativity pouring out from Ogmog, Supporter of the Month!

Ogmog is a boutique creative agency specializing in graphic design, branding, creating, and coding. We can personally attest to the enormous skill set in each of these areas, particularly graphic design, as the team there has lent its talents to the creation of previous Storymakers Dinner materials. Remember these gems?

storymakers collateral

How gorgeous is that Storymaker’s collateral? There are positively NO WORDS to describe how out-of-this-world amazing these postcards are. The illustrations marvelously pair with student writing to bring sentences to life. Can you even imagine how “awesome time-traveling to the future with Michael Jackson of the past” would be? A THRILL. OFF THE WALL.


Ogmog is also pretty awesome because of their high amount of share factor. By this we mean that the Ogmog blog — the Ogblog — is a place for new creatives to go and learn about the difference between vector and raster images (and when one version trumps the other) or information about the many, many types of type and why, in design especially, it’s so important. What we’re saying here is this: Ogmog doesn’t just do cool things for clients, it even provides a service to people just visiting the Ogmog website. And to us, helping people is very cool.

We are pleased to take the time to appreciate Ogmog for the beautiful work it has done for 826michigan and hope that you, our dear friends, will think about the ways Ogmog can help you in a future project. Thanks, Ogmog! You are 826michigan’s  April 2015 Supporter of the Month!

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