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March 26, 2016 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are are featuring writing from our in-school partnership at Ypsilanti Community High School in Liz Sirman’s English Language Learners class. We offered a science fiction writing workshop called My Future Robot Self, led by volunteer Ariana Orozco, and these are some of the stories the students created. You can find the full collection of stories in our recent publication That’s How I Became the Greatest Hero in the History of Fiction.

*Ypsilanti Community High-School In-school Partnership*

Wilder Fonseca, 18
Vampires in Victorian London

I remember when I worked in a company, I could see all of the city and the vampires. I saw when the vampires were after all of the people. The horses had fear. We needed to destroy the vampires before they destroyed us and took control of all the city. We made a spell that made the vampires like apples instead of blood. Maybe they would have a better life in the city.

Didier Landa, 14
Godzilla vs. The Hero Didier

Long, long ago, I met a villain named Godzilla: The Greatest Villain on Earth. He was in London, England. At that time, London looked very beautiful, but Godzilla destroyed everything. I told the government, “I’m going to challenge Godzilla.”

They said, “Okay!” If I defeated him, I was going to be in peace. People would celebrate and rebuild the city of London. All the monsters would disappear like dinosaurs. On October 30, 1890, Didier defeated Godzilla. Godzilla looked angry, seventy feet tall, and 2,000,000,000 billion pounds. At first, I was scared, but when I defeated him, I felt strong.

When I saw him, I said, “Godzilla!”

He said, “What do you want, little creature?”

I answered back, “I want to battle you!”

He said, “You got it, but I’m going to throw you!”

I said, “I’m not afraid of you!”

He said, “Let’s start!”

We fought for four days total. The first day, he almost crushed me with his long feet. The second day, I almost won, but he was too big and tall. The third day, it was a clear fight. The fourth and last day, I called all of the heroes.

They told me, “You can use our powers!”

I used the spiders. I flew like Superman. I used Thor’s hammer, and finally, my magical Hulk hands made him fall down. I defeated Godzilla. Everybody was happy about it. This is how I became one of the greatest heroes in the history of fiction. I defeated Godzilla. I did it, I did it. Afterward, I felt like I could do anything. I was tired. They gave me twenty liters of water and all kinds of food. I was tired, but this would always be on my mind. People came from all around the world to appreciate what I did. London became more beautiful than before.

Wendy Vega, 18

When I went to the past, I went to Victorian London in 1890. I met zombies. They started following me and trying to get me. I ran very fast and I hid in a house and the zombies couldn’t find me. I stayed in that house for almost eight hours and then I went outside. I was scared because I couldn’t see the zombies. When I ran, I felt my heart go fast and my breathing too. I tried to have control of my emotions but I couldn’t because the zombies scared me. They looked very horrific. They had worms in their faces and blood everywhere. Their bodies looked broken and decomposed. It was very scary. The only thing I wanted was to go back to my home, because the zombies were disgusting.

I went back to the machine and went back to the present. I knew that in that city, zombies took over all the humans. But some people went back to that place. Those people were a man and a woman. The man was tall and white, and his hair was brown. The woman was short and white, and her was brown. They went to the place and they took the city back from the zombies, and reconstructed the city. They started to live there and when they finished everything, they had a beautiful place and they started to have babies.

Dulcinee Landa, 18
Zombie Girl, Come Back Soon!!!

Once upon a time, there was a family that had children. One of them passed away and returned as a zombie. She never knew she was a zombie until her birth parents kicked her out. She felt bad to know that she was a normal person like us, but after dying, she was a zombie. She never gave up. She left and opened her own business—a coffee shop with food for zombies, only zombies. She passed away for the second time last year. I hope she will come back again to cook because she had some of the best food in her place, Zombie’s Coffee—for example, chicken nuggets, salad, zombie double, zombie artisanal coffee, etc.

Ahmed Hassanin, 19
Thor Zombies

One day, I dreamt about zombies because I watched The Walking Dead. The next day, I woke up and I was on a cruise with my friends. We were playing frisbee. They threw it so far that when I was trying to catch it, I jumped high and I fell into the Bermuda Triangle. It took me to Victorian London.

When I got there, I started walking. I noticed that everything was old. Even the people were wearing weird stuff. The buildings were old. The streets smelled so bad because of the horses. I was so confused about what was happening around me. I thought someone was filming. I tried to ask the people around me. Nobody answered me until I asked one girl. She was standing by herself. I went to ask her. She turned so slowly and looked at me for a second and told me to run. Then she started to sound weird and she tried to pull me. I started to run. Not only was she chasing me, but a ton of people were trying to get me. I found that people were coming in front of me. They looked the same, so I went into a big building. I locked the door. They were trying to break it, but the door was so hard to break. I sat in my prison for a while because I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what was happening around me. I wished that I could get back to my friends. I thought I was dreaming. I started to punch myself a little to wake up, but I wasn’t dreaming. The place around me was so dark. I went upstairs to find something to eat or anything to protect me.

When I went upstairs, I was walking so slowly because I couldn’t see anything. Then a guy jumped out at me. We fell. I got away and ran to the roof. The zombies broke the door and were coming upstairs. I had two chances to jump to another building or stay and try to fight them, but there were a lot! I decided to jump. I jumped, but I didn’t reach the other building! Then I woke up. I was on the cruise. I was wet. My friends were around me. I said, “No, please, don’t do anything to me!” I tried to push them, but they told me to calm down. Then I asked what happened and they told me that I was drowning and they had saved me.

Arwa Hamed Abdulwahab, 14
My Best Friend Turned Me Into A Zombie

I looked from my window. They were walking to my house. I was so scared. My best friend, Simeon, tried to make me calm down. Then he told me to go hide in the bathroom and he was going to close the doors and the windows so they couldn’t get into the house. I did what he told me, but I was so scared to go to the bathroom by myself. But I did it. He took forever to come to the bathroom. I was thinking about my family and how mean I was when I left my house without caring about them. Then I started crying because I was scared that something would happen to them.

Then Simeon opened the bathroom door and his hands were full of blood. I looked at him and I realized that there was something wrong with him. Then I realized that he was a zombie. I tried to fight him, but he was stronger than me. He turned me into a zombie. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see anything different. Everything was the same.

Carlos Gomez, 15
Haunted by a Vampire

There’s a guy standing in the middle of the road. I think he’s a vampire who is always standing in the middle of pictures. Maybe he also has the power of reading minds and super speed, so that he can go stand in the middle of pictures. And maybe he’s around us and we don’t know it, but he can also be you, and you haven’t noticed that you have such powers and you don’t know how to control them. And after a long time, I have become friends with a vampire named Javier and I try to help him control his supernatural powers that he cannot control. I am trying to help him. We tried to travel to the past and ask his ancestors so that they could show him how to use his supernatural powers. They could camouflage with other people around us and not even be noticed.

Abdu Rahman, 15

A long time ago, I woke up in the place of weird things happening! People were doing weird stuff, like cleaning other people’s faces. I was thinking, what in the world kind of place is this? It was beautiful to see the tall buildings outside. It was so dark and less people were outside than usual. I didn’t see a single woman outside. It was weird.

I asked a man, “What is this place?”

He said, “It’s Victorian London. Please leave this place immediately or you will die!”

I knew that something was wrong. I was going to ask him why, but all of a sudden, something big happened. Zombies! I heard the sound of people shouting and yelling for help.

People were shouting out, “Zombies, zombies! Run for your life!” I could not believe I was seeing zombies. The zombies looked ugly and their faces were covered with blood. Some zombies had eyes popping out. I was as scared as a cat! I stood in the road thinking about my life and family. I had nowhere to go. I was doomed.

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