Maybe It's More Accurate to Say We Released TWO Books Last Night.

June 5, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Welcome Tall Tales & True Stories, the latest 826michigan in-school publication! Delivered to its adoring public last night, Tall Tales & True Stories weighs in at about 10 ounces, and is 8.5” x 5.5”. Call it cheesy, but it’s hard not to refer to this little darling as though it’s a baby. Because it sort of IS our baby! Coming out of a year’s worth of work at Childs Elementary School in Ypsilanti, this flip book (half of it is upside down!) chronicles the personal histories and incredible fantasies of almost thirty young writers.

Take a gander:

Tall Tales & True Stories

Featuring art by Ian Huebert, Tall Tales & True Stories is two books
in one: half tall tales and the other half, you guessed it, true stories.

Last night, ice cream sundaes were eaten, books were signed, pictures were taken, hugs were exchanged, and the word “Congratulations!” was heard no fewer than fifty hundred billionty million times.

Many thanks to Childs Elementary! We had the best time this year teaching workshops, having one-on-one editing sessions, gathering after-school in the media center, and hosting field trips with your students! Special thanks to Lori Maranville, a parent who really went above and beyond and made this happen. Thanks to Jared Hawkley, our publishing intern, who managed to see a book to publication without having to strangle Amy! Thanks to Jared, also, for teaching the tall tales section of our workshops, and to Chrissy Deiger, for teaching the true stories section. For a complete list of thank-yous, pick up a copy of Tall Tales & True Stories!

Which segues nicely into: Order your copy of the book here!

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