Mittenfest: An Abbreviated List of Thank Yous, An Abbreviated Gallery of Pictures (I Took About a Billion)

December 28, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

A huge thank you to the two hundred or so of you who came to Mittenfest last weekend! It was an amazing day/night filled with great music and cheer. Thanks to the Corner Brewery, which looked lovely and cozy. Many thank yous to Brandon Zwagerman for putting the event together! And thank you, of course, to the many, many talented musicians who graced us with their presence: Fred Thomas, Patrick Elkins, Misty Lyn, Mitten Effect, Matt Jones, Frontier Ruckus, The Victrolas, Emily Bate, Santa & Rudolph, Actual Birds, I Am A Bolt of Lightning, Need Based Paint, Emily Jane Powers, and Brian Lillie. Yes, Michigan! See you next year at Mittenfest 2!

The Corner Brewery was packed to capacity!

The Victrolas’ Greg McIntosh
wooed all in attendance, young and old.

Up-and-coming bluegrass band
Frontier Ruckus blew everyone away.

Misty Lyn played a stellar set with
Matt Jones, Carol Grey, and
Colette Alexander.

One night only! Chris Bathgate,
Ryan Howard, and Aaron Shaul
joined forces as Mitten Effect.

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