November 2019 Program Spotlight: FIELD TRIPS with 826 & UMMA!

November 19, 2019 | 826 Blog Post

zee, a student in 826michigan's writing club

Zhe’Neavia Gardner, pictured above during an 826michigan Field Trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, is a brightly shining Erickson Elementary student. She’s a writing rock star that we have been honored to know since 2018. Just a few weeks ago, she and her classmates burst into our Liberty Street writing lab on a How To Survive Anything field trip and astounded us with their imaginative story. Zee, as she calls herself, is currently in Ms. Ott’s third-grade class. (Last school year we wrote alongside Zee in Writers Club with Ms. Kadian’s second-grade class at Erickson.)

Reprinted below is the story Zee and her classmates wrote, as inspired by their field trip to UMMA and their experience of a piece of photograph on display in the museum, of two people in pink dresses.

Team Name: The Skull Warriorzaaa!

First, you see twins dressed up in purple and blue summery flower dresses posing for a photograph before they go to the club. There are people next door facing the grey iron fence and smoking cigarettes. The smoke smells bad; smoking is violent to your lungs because it will turn them black, LOL.

Next, you get naked on the lawn and wash off with the water hose. You need some privacy to do this, so you ask the twins to stand in front of you with their backs turned. You grab the keys from the twins while their eyes are closed (because you’re naked and washing up). It’s a car from 1987, so you put the key into the master hole and turn it left and right.

Then, you pull the master handle and look for a towel or jacket in the car. You find a towel, wrap up, dry off, and look through the trunk for some clothes. You can’t find any, but you notice that there is a house key on the key ring, and you unlock the front door and go inside.

Finally, you find some Gucci clothes, including a bra (if you need one) and underwear. You put on a Gucci belt, a shirt that says, “Champion,” and some red and white old-school Jordans. You drive the twins to the club, drop them off, and go to a house party to listen to some Blues music.

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