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October 26, 2018 | 826 Blog Post

The Fight for Enders Edge

Ognian V., Age 12

Liberty Street Tutoring in Ann Arbor

My island would be in the shape of a circle. It has a jungle, swamp, something unknown hidden behind walls, a volcano, a brand-new military base with all kinds of guns, technology, and vaults . . . There are pink trees, grass, bushes, rideable snake beasts (ten feet tall, snake tail, two arms, chest, snake’s head, two horns, white and silver colors), Gorillazilla (twelve feet tall, albino gorilla), swooping evils, Megalodons, and the legendary beast that lives in the volcano the “Fire Demon” (one hundred feet tall, one thousand feet long, fire kaiju with mystical fire powers, armor scarred by the victims who dared fight the Fire Demon).

Background Info

This used to be the island called “Enders Edge.” It was never seen until the military found it so they built the base there. But a magic Turbo energy . . . thing was found in the woods and the thing tried to kill the new inhabitants so the military decided to cage this thing and so they did. But what they did not know was that the Turbo creature was looking for shelter from its cousin nemesis. When the military found the other Turbo creature, they threw it in with the first one, so FG9XB5 (the first Turbo creature) was left alone with BX13YZ (the second Turbo creature). One day, BX13YZ transformed into the Fire Demon and escaped the cage and started hunting for the military’s men and women. It killed a lot of people, but a lot of people also escaped leaving their base shiny and new. And for the next five hundred million years it slept but now is awakened by three inhabitants . . . you and your two friends.

Now, it’s up to you and your friends to find FG9XB5 and merge with him to get amazing super-powers and defeat BX13YZ from terrorizing Enders Edge and all of earth . . .

(Voice message plays) “I’m BX13YZ or you can call me Fire Demon. I am here to consume Enders Edge and the world so I can return with my Master Thanos, the titan of worlds, and once I do well, eat all the galaxies and recreate one big world with us in charge (me and Thanos) and everyone else would be our slaves. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go feast on Enders Edge and the rest of the world. (Voice message cut) (Unknown voice says) “You heard that right . . . Well go on, explore and get FG9XB5, you’ll need him.”

Illustration by Ingrid Ankerson

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