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October 26, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are are featuring writing from our OMNIBUS VII, which we just released on October 24 at the Whittaker Rd. Branch of the Ypsilanti District Library. The OMNIBUS is our annual anthology of the best of the best student writing across all programs over the past year. We encourage you to come into Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair to check out our newest beautiful publication!


Juna Hume Clark, Age 10
Washington Street Tutoring in Ypsilanti

Breathe in pesticides killing dreams
Breathe out seeding dandelions in the wind
Breathe in white privilege
Breathe out a warm fire roasting s’mores
Breathe in fear shadowing minds
Breathe out children playing in fields full of butterfly milkweed
Breathe in wolves with their blood leaking out into the snow
Breathe out while sitting high up in a tree, letting it all go

Andrew James II, Age 11
Lemon Rice—Illness-curing, Finger-licking, Stress-forgiving, Power-giving—Soup
Thurston Elementary
Washington Street Tutoring in Ypsilanti

5 thick yellow lemons
5 lbs. of white rice from the glove box of the Batmobile
10 lbs. of chicken (sliced diagonally, picked up, then chopped by a man of super strength for one second)
Broth and cilantro picked from the freshest-ever-farmer named Margaret (20 lbs. each)

Dropkick all ingredients into a massive lead pot. Boil, heat, microwave, and bake until it is a thick paste, similar to Panera Bread’s broccoli cheddar soup. Lift the pot; drink while hot. Don’t worry about the screaming, glowing, or the visible skeleton; it is part of the process. You will see results.

Anthony Yang, Age 7
Park Changes
St. Francis the Apostle Catholic School
Workshop: Extraordinary Songs and Poems about Ordinary Tasks

About thirty frogs hop mischievously around
the second-best pond.
The waterfall nearby sounds like
a cup of water poured into
the sink—loud and blue.
A man-made sprinkler
squirts water into the
air as giant fish chase
a painted turtle.
I wish the newest addition
wasn’t chemicals.

Devin Perry, Age 6
Grandma Valentine
Hutchings Elementary
Workshop: My Love Is as a Fever: How to Write Love Poems That Won’t Make Anyone Sick

My grandma is
sweet as a
blossom. She reads
as fast as the
fastest shark in
the world. She
is a very good
helper; she
could help
people rake. We
are each other’s
biggest fans. She
loves 826, and I
love her.

Ryan Wang, Age 9
Bird for Short
Northside Elementary
Youth Drop-in Writing on Liberty Street

One night there was a bird named Bird That Sings At Night, Bird for short. Bird was a lark. He slept next to Crag With A Nest Full Of Birds, Crag for short. Bird also slept next to Lark That Rides The Wind, Lark for short. They were all friends. On another branch slept Moss That Clings On Rock, Moss for short. Next to Moss slept Rock That Tumbles Down Hills, Rock for short.

One morning, Bird woke up—he was normally an early riser—and carefully, to not wake up Crag or Lark, flew to a different tree to see Moon That Rises Over The Sun, Moon for short. Afterward, he decided to go hunting. As he flew, he saw a worm. He took it, ate it, and went to sleep.

Noa Boyce, Age 9
How to Escape One Thousand Kittens
Eberwhite Elementary
Summer Drop-in Writing on Liberty Street

If you are in the park and you see one thousand kittens, you can’t get away! You have to pet them all. You can go away and not think about them at all. That might help. You can feed them and give them milk, and they might be quiet. You can give them all a ball of yarn. They will play with it, and maybe you can escape. You can read to them, and they might fall asleep. You can bring them all home with you.

Ms. Fisher’s Third-grade Class
Bad Breath Day Limerick
Adams STEM Academy
Life-sized Poetry Board Game
Team: Dancin’ Cheetahs

There once was a man in a rush
Who used a dirty toothbrush.
He got very sad
‘cause his breath was so bad,
All his teeth turned into slush.

Chelsea Jones, Age 8
Dolphin Rescue: A Constellation Myth
Family Write Night
Erickson Elementary

It was a beautiful day when a dolphin got caught in the sky. The dolphin got the sky and the water confused. “How do I get down?” asked the dolphin. While the dolphin was up there, he had a party. Unicorns came to the party. The dolphin just wanted to go home. The next day, the mermaid came. The dolphin said, “Goodbye to the unicorns!” The mermaid took the dolphin back home. Then he came back to visit many, many, many times. They had so much friendship between them that it left a heart in the sky.

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