October Student Writing Gallery!

October 26, 2014 | 826 Blog Post

This year, we’ll be posting 8 new, exciting pieces of student writing on the 26th of the month (Get it?). Each month will be curated by our staff. Our aim is to give you an entertaining and fair sampling from our many programs.

* YDL Youth Drop-in Writing *

Brian Tumbarello
Age 13, Lincoln Middle School
“The Naming of Beasts”

The naming of beasts is a difficult task
For when scientists find a new species they ask,
“What would be a proud and fair name
To call this new type of delicious game?”
If it looks like a cat but’s the size of a rabbit
Then rest assured that I’d like to keep it.
But I can’t keep a pet if I cannot use
The name that the pet itself would choose.

* Detroit Wee-Bots *

Ingrid Ramos-Aranda
Age 8
“Untitled (Digging with my Friend)”

I went digging with my friend Lizbeth. We brought a flashlight to see if we found anything. We even brought chips for if we are hungry and water for if we are thirsty. At first we found pearls. The necklace was so long that you could use it as a belt. We thought we could use it for a rope to climb when we were done. We kept on digging for ten hours and we found a person. We gave him water and we asked him what was his name. He did not answer. His clothes were dirty. We asked him again and he said, “Chris,” and said he was looking for a diamond. So we dug for ten minutes and found someone else and she was kind of clean and she was next to the diamond and we gave her water and we asked her what was her name. She said, “Neoshua,” and I got the diamond and we went up with the pearls and we were all millionaires. And we all lived happily ever after. The end.

* Liberty Street Drop-in Writing *

Jose Adame
Age 10, Steiner School

One time an NFL football player called Tony threw a football and scored a touchdown. A teacher popped up in the stadium and annoyed him and so he worked harder. His team was proud. His mom and dad stood still and yelled, “Good job!” The people that liked the other team booed. Some people say he’s the best quarterback in the league. He is the star player of the team and he won seven Super Bowls. The lightbulb in the locker room turned off in the middle of when he won 27-0.

John Zhu
Age 10, King Elementary
“I am in the Tornado”

I am in the tornado! I see fog trying to catch me. It smells like ice and decomposing vegetables. White as a ghost, you cannot see clearly. I just see a big downpour and wet cars and wet material of trains and houses. I realize it is a strong tornado. The tornado is getting smaller. I look up in the sky. It looks like a wet painting and a trillion squirrels stepped on it. It is all covered in cloud. Ahhhhh! Uh-oh, a strong material hits me. It is a bench!

* Field Trips *

Ms. Sheets’s Class from Haisley Elementary
Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
Team: The Newts
“Sail: An Acrostic Poem”

As a dinosaur
In midair.
Lead me home.

Ms. Champagne’s Class from Brick Elementary
Dr. Blotch’s Life-Sized Poetry Board Game
Team: Silly-Willy-Willy Railsplitters
“The Unicorn’s Snack: An Acrostic Poem”


Except on

Chicken broth
Raisins and


Extraordinarily good.
Never on Fridays
Enjoy, and

* Workshops *

Hannah Ziegler
Age 7, Thurston Elementary

O Henry, you are such a cute and fluffy bud. I love the color of your golden fur. You’re so tiny; you’ll always be a puppy to me. You’re part of my family, and you always sleep with me. You listen like a responsible grown-up. Henry, I love your name, and it’s fun to say. You are so obedient. It makes me want to be around you. You make me so happy going to the park with me. I love you so much. It’s so cute when you use your tongue like a spoon.

Gavin Shrestha
Age 15, Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy
“POV of Cats”

The Regal Beagles
Rule us with iron paws
Bark at us all night

They eat their T-bones
We must eat gross, sharp fish bones
From the garbage cans

My wife just got fleas
There’s no healthcare for us cats
My wife needs some help

Sunshine for the poor
The fences are taken down
Dogs and cats have peace

Civil rights protest
End dog-cat segregation!
Tabbies have a dream.

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