October's Supporter of the Month is Chef Brad Greenhill of Righteous Rojo!

October 2, 2013 | 826 Blog Post

We hope you have heard about our upcoming fundraising dinner/autumn picnic in Detroit, Sweater Weather. (If you haven’t heard, it’s on October 19 at 7pm and it will be great! You can get tickets right here: sweaterweather.brownpapertickets.com.)

What you may or may not know is, this is actually Sweater Weather 2: The Return of Sweater Weather. The inaugural Sweater Weather was held around this time last year. It was planned as an “autumn orchard picnic” — in an actual orchard! We were excited.

Well, in the way that these things sometimes happen, the weather turned out to be a little TOO sweater-y for an outdoor dinner, and we ended up moving the venue at the last minute. The new venue was lovely, the event was lovely, everything turned out great.


A major factor in the turning-out-great of this event was Chef Brad Greenhill, of Righteous Rojo. Brad had planned an elaborate and delicious menu for this event only to find out at the last minute that he’d be working in a COMPLETELY different kitchen than the one he thought he’d have.

At this critical juncture, a juncture where a lesser Chef would have broken down and cried (or perhaps just told us we were crazy), Chef Brad Greenhill said, “no problem!” And prepared that delicious dinner under strange and unusual circumstances.

This experience earned Chef Brad our undying respect and admiration. Which is why we are SO thrilled that he has agreed to hold another dinner with us (the one that’s coming up on October 19!). Dear Chef Brad: thank you very much for this important support for 826michigan. With your help, we’ll throw an autumn picnic for the ages!

(Want to taste Chef Brad’s cooking for yourself? Reserve your ticket to Sweater Weather now! And see below for the full, incredible menu.)

arugula, lemon, roasted onions

lemongrass, garlic, agave, red chilies

shaved fennel, green apple, cippolini vinaigrette

fingerlings, fried capers, pickled shallots, chilies

rosemary, garlic, mint, charred bread

pistachio, lime, tarragon, yogurt

cloumage, filberts, sage, honey

heirloom apple, sweet cream gelato

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