April 21, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

When robotier, in-school resident, workshop leader, and ONWARD ROBOTS kickball team member Amy Wilson told us a few months ago that she was going to be on Jeopardy!, we were THRILLED. When she came back from the taping and implied that the experience, while incredibly positive, wasn’t exactly lucrative, we were STILL THRILLED.

Last night, after MONTHS of waiting, the episode finally aired. We, of course, tuned it. We, of course, found it delightful. For the first round, Amy didn’t score well, but it seemed to be because the returning champ was quicker on the buzzer than she was. She answered everything she got through on correctly. In the second round, she OWNED the Shakespeare category (that’s our girl!), bringing her total to $10,000. The returning champ had almost $20,000. Final Jeopardy: A Seinfeld question that Amy got right and the returning champ didn’t, thereby making AMY WILSON THE NEW JEOPARDY CHAMPION.

This was, in a word, T H R I L L I N G. Watch Amy Wilson as the returning champion tonight at 7:30! (You can’t imagine how proud/happy/excited it makes us to know that one of our sweetest, funniest, and cleverest volunteers has done something so cool. YOU, however, can sign up to take the spring workshop she’s teaching, Famous Lady Writers and You: Electric Boogaloo.)

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