One more time: MONSTERS’ BALL! & more words.

October 16, 2005 | 826 Blog Post

Do you like the work we’re doing here? Do you appreciate us? Do you—dare we say—love us? Do you at least like kids?

Show your love and support for 826michigan by attending our fall fundraiser!

Monsters’ Ball will take place this Saturday (!!!!), October 29 at Greenhills School’s Campbell Center for the Performing Arts. Bestselling authors Elizabeth Kostova (The Historian) and Julie Orringer (How to Breathe Underwater) will share the stage with 826 students reading their own work. Come at 7 for drinks and desserts. The show starts at 8.

Please show your support for this crazy endeavor we’ve undertaken by attending! Tickets are “pay what you can.” (Suggested donation $10/students, $15-50 general public.) Your generous support helps us provide free workshops and tutorial sessions to students throughout the year.

Are you a writer looking to hone your craft? Come to our Day-long Camp for Writers! This event also takes place this Saturday (!!!!), October 29 at Greenhills School. Julie Orringer and Barbara Shoup will be teaching workshops on short story and novel writing respectively.

E-mail Amy at for more information about these exciting events.

Can’t make it, but still want to help?

  • Got some wine sitting around you’ve been looking to get rid of? Donate it to our fundraiser!
  • Donate money! You can send checks to 826michigan, 2245 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. You can also use your credit card with Paypal on our website here.


Etcs., Written in the Form of a Love Letter

I’ve come to grips with it. I’m the wordy one. John has a talent for brevity; he’s more a poet, better equipped to say what he means succinctly. I’ve always fancied myself a short-story writer, but perhaps I’m a novelist after all. Or perhaps I’m just in need of a good editor. It’s hard to contain, though, this excitement I’m learning to live with twenty-four hours a day. It comes with a lot of, well, words, apparently. I mean, you don’t have to read it.

Is it time for a love letter? If it is, have I mentioned lately how much I love Erin? She’s the best. (Really, that says it all.) And John? Oh man! John. I can’t get sick of him (I’ve tried). Have you ever been lucky enough to work every day with two of your favorite people?

And what about our terrific and ever-expanding army of volunteers? Many bear mentioning, but today my favorites are C. Jason, Rahul, and Julia Smillie. C. Jason is alarmingly cool, for a nerd. Rahul, well, we’re brainwashing him, and soon enough he’ll forget all about med school. (John is well versed in Jedi mind tricks.) Julia’s edging in on being the funniest person I know, and I know some funny people. Just the thought of any one—or, gasp!, all three at once—makes me smile. Many thanks also go out to some of our most reliable and excellent tutors: Lee (who also has given us a printer, a table, and too many pens and pencils to count; furthermore, she brings two of our favorite dogs in on Mondays), Megan, Ryan, Franco, Katie, Dave, and Jeff.

Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to electronically shower our Superintern, Heather, with kisses: mmmMMAAA!

And, most of all, a million thank yous to all the wonderful students who come for tutoring and workshops! Your ability to inspire us seems to grow exponentially every time one of you walks through our door.

Group hug! (And yes, that means you too, John. You can’t get out of this one.)

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