One Step Closer to the Finished Product

February 15, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Last night, we wrapped up our last afterschool workshop at Childs Elementary School in the Lincoln Consolidated School District in Ypsilanti. For those of you who don’t have our website as your homepage (and why don’t you, by the way??), and may not be as up on what we’re doing, we’ll fill you in. We’ve been working at Childs all year through a series of afterschool writing workshops, one-on-one editing sessions, and in-class workshops. The best part? Aside from falling madly in love with no fewer than eighty or so more students, we have plans to publish the amazing stories of these third, fourth, and fifth graders in our upcoming publication: Tall Tales & True Stories, due to be released this spring. We will, of course, have more details on that book release (which is well into the planning stages, and is—maybe we don’t need to say this—going to be unbelievably awesome; unbelievably, thanks in no small part to Jared, our illustrious publishing intern) when we know them. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of our very own Erin Bennett and some young writers who are on the brink of becoming published authors.

Many thanks to, in no particular order, to our amazing volunteers: Jared Hawkley, Chrissy White, Chris Westoff, Sydney Smith, Krysta Stone, and Terry Carpenter. Thanks also go to Lori Maranville, a very dedicated parent, without whom none of this would’ve been possible.

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