ONWARD ROBOTS: Robot Holidays Are Over, Back to Robot Business As Robotically Usual

January 30, 2012 | 826 Blog Post

The holiday dust has finally settled here at 826HQ and Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. The steel Santa hats are off robotic heads (good thing too, because they are quite heavy). The LED Menorah is dim for another year. The tinsel is back in storage (in case you were wondering, robots use the same tinsel we do). And we’re settled in to another winter of long nights restocking and assembling our signature robot wares.

To paraphrase Donny Hathaway’s 1970 holiday masterpiece and modern classic carol “This Christmas”, we knew this holiday season would be a very special holiday season for us. Not only did we bolster our product lines with dozens of new and exciting robot accoutrements (like the Nose-So-Bright Seasonal Attachment), we produced our first ever hardcopy Holiday Catalog in beautiful glossy full color AND launched a brand new online store, www.onwardrobots.com.

Suffice to say, it WAS a very special holiday season. As always, Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair invests 100% of its profits in the free writing and tutoring programs at 826michigan, which means that all those LED Menorahs and Nose-So-Bright Seasonal Attachments will live on through the innovation and creativity of 826michigan students. We’d like to thank the following people and businesses for their contributions to LSRS&R this past holiday season: Thomson-Shore, who printed the holiday catalog; McSweeney’s, who helped us get the word out about onwardrobots.com; Store Intern Extraordinaire Erin Dreps and her crew of volunteer Robotiers, who packed online orders and staffed the store when it was ITSELF packed; illustrator Angela Duncan; Google; and our wonderful Program Director Amy Sumerton, whose contributions to LSRS&R CANNOT be fully enumerated. (Let us just say that anyone who does retail-related ANYTHING is admirable, but those who manage holiday retail while eight months pregnant are clearly superhuman. Or, perhaps, robotic.)

And, above all, we wish to thank all of you out there who supported 826michigan this holiday season by shopping Liberty. May your robot purchases never rust, break, or rise up against humans! (But if they do, come see us for replacement parts: www.onwardrobots.com is open year-round.)

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