Programs Wind Down, Robots Wind Up!

December 5, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

It’s that time of year again, when programs grind to a halt and the store amps up. (Speaking of which, have you checked out our magnificent online store? You can order seventy of our best, most-beloved products with just $5 flat rate shipping in the US!)

At any rate, as we wrap up another calendar year of programs, we wanted to bring some dates to your attention:

End dates:

  • On Thursday, December 8, we’ll hold our last tutoring session (both at 826 and at YMS) in 2011.
  • The Fall Workshop Schedule wraps up December 7.
  • In-school Residencies go on a short hiatus starting around December 21.

Start dates:

  • Tutoring (both at 826 and YMS) starts back up January 9.
  • In-school Residencies resume on January 9.
  • Our first Field Trip in the new year happens on January 13.
  • The Winter Workshop Schedule begins on January 16.

Also, take note! The Winter Workshop Schedule will be posted on Tuesday, January 10. Registration opens on Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm.

AAAAND, we wanted to share some amazing student work with you. First up, two of our favorite Bot Jots from last semester. Bot Jots happen daily at tutoring.

The first one comes from Bushra H., who started coming to tutoring way back at our OLD location, when she was just a wee little thing. The Bot Jot prompt centered around creating a list of questions you’ve always wondered about.

  1. Why do we go to school and not animals?
  2. Why do we humans have all the brains?
  3. Why can’t animals speak our language?
  4. Why does aching and stress have to be part of growing up?
  5. How can animals speak our language some day?
  6. Is there anything that I can choose for something epic to happen?
  7. Why do good things have to end but the bad stuff doesn’t?
  8. Why is no one perfect?
  9. Why do so many people say we’ll never know?
  10. How many clouds are in the sky?

A compelling list, to be sure. Questions we ourselves have wondered about, as well as questions we’ll now START wondering about.

And now, Melanie K. During Bot Jots, she made a charming list she’s titled “Names for a…”

Spotted dog: Wickley, Spock
Giraffe: Prikaley, Talle
Spy: Sprickaley, Tackal
Karate master: Lofey
Space robot: 678810, Shemol

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