Reasons Why I Love My Job: #8,478

July 28, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

This morning, I came into work and saw this on the white board:

There’s a bit of a glare, so if you can’t see it, it says:

Scenario 1:
1. Hands for eyes?
2. Eating rocks?

Scenario 2:
1. Cats rule world?
2. Roads are rivers?

This is, of course, from Drop-in Writing last night. My favorite part is the question marks. I picture Josh and Liz, our interns who run the program, sort of shrugging and asking a roomful of kids, “So, hands for eyes?”

Drop-in Writing runs Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-7pm, and is for young writers aged eight and older. The last day of summer drop-in is Wednesday, August 12, so come in for it while you still can!

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