Say it with Me Now . . . WOOW.

September 23, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

It *almost* rhymes, now, WOOW. Although, to be frank, I am not entirely sure how to pronounce WOOW. We’ve been saying it “wow” around the office, and yet, it seems more apt to make a longer “oo” sound, does it not?

As a reader, this is a problem that has plagued me lifelong. Knowing what words mean, but not really being sure how to pronounce them? I could list some front runners for you, but it just occurred to me that, um, you don’t even know what WOOW means! Dear me, I am getting all tangential again.

One-on-One Wednesday (WOOW!)* Test Prep with Will Purves

* Okay, so, probably it should be OOOW, but that’s a horribly thought out acronym. If it helps, think of it as Wednesday One-on-One with Will. Deal?

What does this mean? The very clever and kind Will Purves will be offering FREE ACT/SAT Prep appointments every Wednesday during Drop-In Tutoring at 826. Every one-on-one session will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the student. These sessions will last forty-five minutes and can serve as consultations, practice, or conversation about strategies for the ACT or SAT tests. Your student is welcome to register for multiple appointments and take part of a practice-feedback-practice loop; take home practice assignments are also available through these sessions.

If your student is interested in meeting with Will one-on-one for a forty-five-minute ACT or SAT prep session (or for multiple sessions), you can register by checking our WOOW! google calendar for open appointments & then emailing to schedule an appointment. If you register for a session, please make a commitment to attend because we have limited spots for hundreds of students!

Awesome, right? So, as I was saying, the word “corps,” do you really pronounce that “core”? That seems insane to me. And, speaking of insanity, have you ever really looked at the word “lunch”? Write that word ten times in a row and tell me if any of it makes any sense…

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