Spectacular Savannah!

February 6, 2020 | Volunteer of the Month


At 826michigan, Savannah Johnson is our first work-study student from Eastern Michigan University and works as our In-school Projects intern! What does that exactly mean? It means that Savannah deciphers the bravest spellings, unmurks the smudgest scripts, or keystrokes students’ writing exactly as they have set it down as she processes, updates, and proofs the drafts and galleys of in-school student writing projects and publications. In addition, she is also a photo-hero of the Family Writing Lab, as well as a joyful and effective field trip volunteer. 

It’s apparent that she cares deeply about each student’s story and voice, as she always brings her warm, attentive, creative presence to each student interaction and every moment of collaborative work. In addition to giving students that undivided attention, Savannah also takes the time to get to know her fellow workers and program participants in an authentic manner, which embodies our values here at 826michigan. 

Outside of 826michigan, the Chesterfield Township native is studying secondary education in theater and literature at Eastern Michigan University. She loves to read, engage fully in experiential learning, and act—even pursuing employment this summer as a historical reenactor!

Not only is Savannah a creative, hard working presence, she is also an enthusiastic and reliable friend. She’s always prepared on short notice to stay up all night watching movies and telling stories with friends, and still gets up to study in the morning! 

Whether she is transcribing student ideas, researching biomes and ecotones for slideshow presentations, or engaging with young people, Savannah consistently brings her full attention and tool kit to the task at hand. In addition to being detailed and determined, Savannah approaches her work with an air of joy and receptivity that cannot be fabricated. Thank you, Savannah, for your authenticity, the devotion you put in your work, and for supporting our young people.
If you’re a student at EMU and are interested in learning more about becoming a work-study student at 826michigan, please be in touch with Frances at frances@826michigan.org

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