SPOILER ALERT: Spinter Workshop Schedule on Horizon

November 23, 2005 | 826 Blog Post

That’s right, friends. We know you’ve been waiting, some of you impatiently, for the unveiling of our next set of stellar workshops. The Spinter Workshop Schedule (Get it? It’s winter and spring. Hey…it sounded better than the Wing Workshop Schedule.) will be up on this very site mid-December.

We’ve listened to your input! We’ve taken scrupulous notes! We’ve heeded your advice! What this means in slightly less vague terms: You wanted more workshops! You wanted workshops for younger students! You wanted more workshops where you work with paste! You wanted a place to keep your secrets! You wanted a puppy! (SPOILER: You will not get everything you want, and for this we are truly sorry. But, glass half full, you will get most of what you want.)

Here’s something even less vague: We’ll be offering a workshop on writing comics. We’ll have a workshop where 6-8 year olds will make their own picture books. There will be a workshop in which participants test the bounds of what can be done with one 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. We will show you how to make a fancy diary that has a secret part that no one else will know is there. (Except us, and we promise not to look.)

Oh dear. We’ve said too much. Check back soon.

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