August 12, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

We are — hip — going to be closed next week — hip — for our annual 826 Summer Vacation — HOORAY! This means: no programs, no robot store, no email responses (except for the automatic variety), no phones being answered or calls being returned. We’ll be closed Monday, August 15 through Saturday, August 20. While we know this is probably very sad for you, we feel fairly certain that you can find it in your hearts to be excited for us.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some work from our summer programs. As you all know, we’ve been working with Community Action Network for several years now. This summer, our stellar group of interns taught writing workshops at three of their community centers. At Hikone Community Center, the students made a how-to list, and we found it both compelling and startlingly accurate. Consider it your food for thought until we’re back in action the week of August 22.

How to be a Bad Writer
by the students at Hikone Community Center

  1. Scribble.
  2. Write with hand you don’t normally write with.
  3. Steal other people’s writing.
  4. Don’t use paragraphs.
  5. Watch TV instead of writing.
  6. Don’t use any capital letters.
  7. Don’t use periods.
  8. Don’t use spaces between words.
  9. Don’t use quotation marks.
  10. Write sloppily so no one else can read it.
  11. Write something that doesn’t make sense.
  12. Write stories on your arm and then wash them off.
  13. Write elephant, elephant, elephant over and over again.
  14. Elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant…
  15. Draw instead of write.
  16. Only write down half of every word.
  17. Spill pudding on your paper.
  18. Write in different directions all over the paper.
  19. How to be a good writer: Do the opposite of the above.

And MANY THANKS to all of our summer programming interns for their incredible work these last few months: Sarah Barton, Ryan Beatty, Anna Belew, Elizabeth Deatrick, Laura Eberhardt, Emily Everard, Katie Jones, Caitlin LeStrange, Erin Mernoff, and Anna Sheaffer! We love you all and will miss you (until we see you again, which will hopefully be very soon).

See you August 22, just in time for our day (8/26, of course) and Eat Your Words!

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