FridayMay 2007

The Summer Workshop Schedule will be released on Wednesday, May 30, at 6pm exactly. Wonder what’s on it? Here’s some of the titles offered: Pun, Intended. (aka Once a pun a time); Disposed Toward the Dark: Horror Writing; There Once Was a Workshop on Limericks; How Would You Describe the Ocean to a Blind Person?; Pocket Shrine Tales; Short Shorts & Square Poems; Brain Spelunking; Puppy Poems; Whose Story Is It Anyway? Improv Writing for Witmeisters and Wannabes; Writers Meltdown!!; Workplay Wordshop; Acting It Out and Writing It Down; and Tall Tales. And of course there will be the Storytelling and Bookmaking workshops we’re famous for, comics sessions for all age groups, and a number of our classic/popular workshops.

See you next Wednesday!

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