The Dust Has Settled

October 4, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

Now that we’re all moved in, we can finally tell you all HOW MUCH WE LOVE OUR NEW PAD. Oh dear, there we go, slipping into caps lock and shouting at you again. We can’t help it! We’re still so excited!

We can’t say that it was painless, but the move was much less painful that we’d expected. This is due, entirely, to our incredible volunteer force, who came out and spent long hours boxing, lugging, carrying, arranging, and more. SO MANY THANKS to: Megan Cummins, Erik Gable, Rahul Ganatra, Frank Uhle, Ryan Howard, Heather Kingsbury, Jared Hawkley, Linda Sumerton, Linda Adler-Kassner and her friend Kate, Rachel Lieberman, Kat Bawden, Ivan, Lee Gorman, Ken Mazur, Mike Mooney, Anne Heinz, Kory and Angi Stevens, and Bruce DeMaine and his mom, Madeline. Thanks also to Greg McMillin who surprised us with beautiful signage!

We’ve already met a bunch of new friends! People are walking in off the street, filling out volunteer applications, checking out the new digs, and finding out what we’re all about. So stop by and say hello! Tutoring starts up again on Monday. WOO HOOOOO!!

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