The Wild Things Are Here.

August 18, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

Perhaps you’ve seen the vague and mysterious fliers around town purporting that the wild things, whatever those might be, are here, wherever that is. We are here to explain to you what exactly this means:

Wild Things flier

This is the flier we speak of, courtesy of our own Jared Hawkley.

Pretty much everyone is anticipating the release of the Where the Wild Things Are movie adaptation this fall. Did you know 826 founder Dave Eggers co-wrote the screenplay?

Do you remember the last time Dave Eggers co-wrote a screenplay, and we had a sneak preview of Away We Go at the Michigan Theater, and Dave was there, and so were seven hundred excited moviegoers, and it was SO FUN?

Well, guess what? All the 826s get special sneak-previews of Where the Wild Things Are before it’s officially released! This premiere will be AT LEAST as fun as the one we had in May. Maybe more. Mark your calendars: our premiere is slated for Tuesday, October 6 at the Michigan Theater, time to be determined.

Tickets go on sale in our storefront, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, and on this very website at noon on Thursday, September 10; we will have a limited number of seats, so this will sell out FOR SURE.

FURTHERMORE (as if you needed a furthermore), tune in to this very website on Thursday, September 3, when we’ll release the schedule for our Week of Wild Things, a whole week chock-full of wild-things-related events. Psst! For example: a pub crawl that participants will do … in pajamas!

In other news, I just got back from taking the interns on a tour of the Zingerman’s Bakehouse, courtesy of the very wonderful Jake Blachowicz, whom I will always think of as Willy Wonka. If you haven’t taken this tour, DO IT. It is AWESOME. Everything smells good, and they have huge piles of cookie dough, and people blow drying chocolate, and people baking bread that has bacon in it, and right at the end of it all, Willy Wonka will give you a just-baked coffee cake:

Coffee cake

Willy Wonka, alive and well and going by the name “Jake Blachowicz,” presents a slightly-broken-but-still-super-tasty coffee cake to Ashley, April, Josh, and Chris.

Many thanks to everyone at Zingerman’s for the free tour, and special thanks to “Jake” (wink, wink) for being such a great host. We love you guys!

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