Two Important Additions to Your Summer Reading List

June 23, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Hello, friends. Now that it is officially summer, let us here at 826michigan recommend some summer reading materials to you. As literary superheroes, we read a lot. Some have gone so far as to say we read “all the time.” By which we mean to say, when we recommend a book to you, we know what we are talking about.

Some people will be glib when recommending books to you. They may show off, by recommending Anna Karenina or The Brothers Karamazov; they may recommend books that it would take you all summer to read, or ones that people might make fun of you for on the beach. Rest assured that the two books we want to recommend to you will make you the envy of everyone around you at the beach, the park, poolside, or under a nice shady tree.

The titles may sound familiar to you: Suddenly My Heart Stopped for Just a Small Portion of Time and Vacansopapurosophobia. Combined, these two books contain work by roughly one-hundred-and-twenty area students. The content includes: several stories and poems about grandfathers (wistful, sad, angry); a deaf girl with a red bike (mysterious, profound); an asthma attack (terrifying); a number of stories about dogs and other pets (funny, heartbreaking, sweet); and a few stories that take apart the notion of home (poignant, depressing, triumphant). We’ll stop there, because it’s important to not give away too much.

Both books are currently available for purchase at: 826michigan Intergalactic Headquarters, Shaman Drum Bookstore, and Barnes and Noble. Proceeds for SMHSFJASPOT benefit 826; proceeds for V benefit 826 and the Neutral Zone. Giving young people a platform on which to express themselves is a concept important enough to support, non?

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