We Came for the Fundraising, We Stayed for the Incredibly Handsome Drummer

February 13, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

In case you’ve been keeping up with our blog entries (if you haven’t, I simply ask: what’s wrong with you?!), you may be pleased to know that something very wonderful happened since Amy’s last update:

  • Amy was not, in fact, just nervous about the show, and it turns out that she did contract some kind of horrible virus.

Wait a second, I think I have my facts confused. That was the terrible thing that happened (and we wish her all the best). The wonderful thing was the first-ever, and HUGELY SUCCESSFUL 826michigan benefit show! Although the night was, for me, a blur of rockin’ out, promotin’ sweet writing centers, and raisin’ money, I think I can remember the highlights:

  • The first band, The Dardanelles, was met with cheers from an already crowded venue, and proceeded to rock the house. For all of you who were asking: Yes, that amazing keyboardist is Sarah, one of our staple volunteers here at 826michigan!
  • Actual Birds unleashed a sound that is perhaps matched only by the nightmares and/or daydreams of small children and/or terrifying monsters.
  • Canada, which has begun being referred to as the Official 826michigan Band (although the name sounds a little suit-and-tie, if you ask me), blew everyone away with wild folk melodies, and the kind of excitement and energy which can only be found here at 826michigan (which, you know, makes sense, since Amy, our assistant director, and Ryan, our intern, make up 2/7ths of this wonderful band).

  • Finally, Mason Proper, the last band for the night, managed to transform what began as a semi-coherent musical fundraiser into an out-of-control, otherworldly, and most importantly, sweaty, dance-‘til-you’re-dead extravaganza.

Not only were the bands spectacular, but we managed to raise an expectation-exceeding amount of money. In fact, I’m not one to boast (so just ignore the bolded words that follow), but we were told after the show that our event was the most successful Thursday night that the venue has ever had. Most importantly, though, everyone in attendance had a blast, and whether they came as diehard 826MI supporters, or just because they had some rockin’ to do, everyone left knowing what an incredible place 826michigan is, and having experienced one of the many ways in which it brings magic to the community.

Of course, none of this could have been done without any of the outstanding volunteers we have at 826michigan. In particular, we owe a HUGE thank you to Michelle, who organized and executed the entire event. Also, thank you to everyone who came out to support the organization and/or feed Ryan and Amy’s rock star alter-egos. And thanks especially to all the bands who played for free, and to the Blind Pig for giving us a place to rock. I am literally overflowing with gratitude right now (really, it’s kind of gross), and so here are some pictures to look at while I go get a towel and clean all this gratitude up before Erin sees the mess I’ve made…

The Dardanelles (feat. 826er Sarah) get the night started!

While you can’t hear it, Amy actually laughed hysterically for the entire duration of the show.

Shouldn’t Ryan be playing the drums instead of just posing with them?

Michelle, Erin, and Amy — Where would 826MI be without them? (A: Nowhere good).

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