We Swear We’re Not Teasing You, But Isn’t Anticipation Exciting?

August 7, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Well, after some discussion this morning, we’ve come to a decision. It may not be something you want to hear. It has to do with the workshop schedule. I won’t beat around the bush: we’ve decided not to post the schedule until September 15. (Dodging various rotten vegetables.) But listen, friends! We want to give all sorts of students a chance to use our services, including those who haven’t been here before! Workshops fill up fast! And so, we need to release the schedule first to the schools, and school doesn’t start until September 5, and and and…

We still love you, we really do. We hope you still love us.

Also, drop-in tutoring will resume on Monday, September 18!

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