Feature of the Month: The Joyous Return of Michigan Science Theater 826!

April 13, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Several years ago, one of our favorite workshop leaders, Chris Hiltz, came up with the ingenious concept behind Michigan Science Theater 826. The workshop requires students to develop and record the soundtrack to a video clip where their amazing creativity usually results in gut-splitting hilarity. It was so popular that we started including it multiple times for multiple age groups on every workshop schedule.

Then Chris Hiltz moved to LA. Then darkness fell over the land. Then HE CAME BACK! And with him, the triumphant return of Michigan Science Theater 826!

Chris said: “Thank you to all the wonderful students that participated in the workshop that was held on March 22. As usual, the students contributed great ideas and enthusiasm to our project. Below are links to the three video clips with the soundtracks that these future science fiction — if not comedy — film makers created. I think the results speak for themselves.”

We hope you enjoy these clips! And many thanks to Chris Hiltz, who came back to us after all.

Clip One.

In this clip, a robot is requested to order pizza on the internet for its master. It appears that today’s robot technology is not quite up for the challenge, especially when a prune juice order sends it over the edge and results in disastrous, hilarious mayhem.

Clip Two.

In this clip, those pesky alien robots pay a visit to Earth. Fortunately, a former weight lifter, a substitute, a military officer, a glamour queen, and the President of Yugoslavia (who hates hugs) are there to prevent robot domination.

Clip Three.

You thought your class reunion was awkward. Well, let’s just say that you are very fortunate that you did not have a mummy and a robot in your graduating class. This reunion will be talked about for years to come.

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