Welcome the Newest Member of our Family!

December 9, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Last Friday we welcomed the newest 826michigan publication, the first-ever 826michigan OMNIBUS. We love ALL of our publications, of course, but this one was especially near and dear to our hearts, because all the student work inside it came from all of our programs. That’s right, there’s work from drop-in tutoring, workshops, field trips, in-school projects, and publications. There’s even an appendix that lists our massive volunteer force, gives more information on us and our programs, AND has a few words of wisdom from Dr. Thaddeus Blotch, our resident editor-in-chief.

The release party, which coincided with Midnight Madness at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair (and which, we should mention, was the biggest sales day we’ve ever had, bringing in pretty close to what we normally make in a month; what can we say, ROBOT STUFF MAKES GOOD PRESENTS), featured cookies, cupcakes, a gingerbread house, student readings, and a general sense of cheer.

Fiona O’Rielly reads her poem, in which she tells Colby, our trained-service-dog mascot, how to write.
It is not, it should be mentioned, the only piece in the book featuring Colby.

The book features the stories, poems, radio documentaries, plays, and comics of over seventy local young writers. Inside this lovely book, you will find: the definitive definition of the word “chanking,” a wedding with an unexpected ending, numerous instances of talking food, one curse that must be out-run, a delicious cat, a digger who cannot dig, and more! You can stop into the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair to pick up a copy (and other gifts for everyone on your list), or order it online here.

Many thanks to Jared Hawkley, our publications intern, for all his help in putting together the book. Huge thanks, as ever, to our wonderful students, who write such marvelous, hilarious, sad, insane, awe-inspiring pieces that it truly is a privilege to get to publish them.

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